Operating hours are subject to change. The pool, or portions of the pool, may close due to lifeguard shortages, low attendance, or threatening weather.AGE POLICY Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a designated adult who is age 18 or older and who has a valid membership or day pass.  SWIM TEST A swim test is required for participants age 15 and under wishing to use the diving boards/platforms. Ask an Assistant Manager to help your child take the swim test! After successful completion, your child will receive a green wristband.  If your child is not ready to take the swim test, no problem! We have plenty of fun things to do in the shallow area of the lap pool and the shallow instructional pool. For safety, please stay within arm’s reach of your child at all times, especially in the water.  WEATHER POLICIES Recreational Sports utilizes weather radios, WeatherSentry, and IU-Notify to make informed weather related closures. When lightning is detected within 10 miles, a flash is seen, thunder is heard, or in the event of a thunderstorm or tornado watch/warning,  the pool will be evacuated until an all clear has been given.  To receive up to the minute updates on Outdoor Pool hours and weather-related changes, follow us @iuoutdoorpool on Facebook or Text “IUOP” to 313131.  GENERAL POOL POLICIES Participants may not enter the pool until a Recreational Sports lifeguard is on duty. Instructions of the lifeguard must be obeyed at all times. Lifeguards will make final decisions concerning the safety of all participants in the pool area. If lifeguards blow their whistles, stop what you are doing and follow their instructions. Running, wrestling/rough play, intoxication, profanity and non G-rated public displays of affection are prohibited. Only U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed and are only allowed in the instructional pool. No other type of flotation device will be allowed. Kickboards, pull buoys and aqua jogging belts are training aids and may not be used as flotation devices. No jumping or diving from the starting blocks in the lap pool or diving well, unless during swim sessions or with approval from the manager on duty. No diving into the instructional pool. Lane lines should be used only as safety lines in case of an emergency. Swimsuits are required. No cut-offs, shorts, leotards, regular diapers, underwear or socks are allowed in the water. Changing clothes on deck is prohibited. Absolutely no glass containers are permitted in the pool area, lobby or locker room. State law requires that all swimmers must take a shower before entering a pool. Lap swimmers will follow a circular swimming pattern, swimming on the right-hand side of the lane at all times. Allow faster swimmers to pass at the wall while circle swimming. During activity, please keep unused equipment near the poolside and out of the way of participants on the deck. All equipment in the equipment storage container is property of Indiana University Recreational Sports and should only be used in the pool area.  DIVING WELL Participants age 15 and under must successfully complete a swim test n order to utilize the diving well outside of swim sessions. Diving board and platform participants must leave the board/platform facing forward. Backward and inward dives are not permitted. Only one bounce per dive is allowed on the springboards. There are no practice bounces allowed. No gymnastic activity (i.e. cartwheel or handstands) is allowed. Recreational Sports participants may only use the diving area that has been designated as open by Outdoor Pool lifeguards and management staff. While the diving boards or platforms are in use, no other activity is permitted in that area of the diving well. In the event of an injury, an accident, or you are not feeling well, please notify a lifeguard immediately.